Stuart’s career has transitioned from award-winning journalism into public affairs, where his ability to grasp complex technical files and develop strategic action plans with clear messaging is valued by our clients. 

His work at Bluesky includes providing strategic planning and advice, government and public relations, procurement support, regulatory engagement, marketing and communications across a number of sectors including aerospace, space, defence, transportation, technology, health care, pharma and energy/alternative energy. 

Stuart is an experienced writer, editor and photographer who leads and contributes to content creation for traditional and digital platforms, submissions and presentations, with an eye to both the written word and visual impact.  

In addition to his agency experience, Stuart held senior communications positions at large and small publicly traded companies.

Stuart McCarthy

Senior Vice-President

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Fun Fact

Bluesky’s resident “gadget guy”, Stuart is an unabashed sci-fi addict and comic lover. He has a Superman vs Spiderman comic signed by Stan Lee (Excelsior!) and an autographed photo of Leonard Nimoy (LLAP).