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Raphael Brass joined Bluesky in 2015 and has since worked with a wide complement of clients, successfully securing millions of dollars in government funding to support their projects. His expertise spans many sectors including natural resources, green energy, aerospace, defence, postsecondary education, sport, pharmaceutical, and non-profit. He has assisted several clients in navigating regulatory processes and reforms, aided on major procurement projects, and shaped several government funding programs. 

With a background as a political staffer for two Liberal Members of Parliament, Raphael has a pulse on public policy, a keen sense of the legislative process, and a wide network of contacts spanning all sides of the political spectrum, public service, and media. This has allowed him to effectively communicate on behalf of his clients to maximize their likelihood of achieving their objectives.

Raphael holds a Master’s Degree in International Diplomacy, is active in the Liberal Party of Canada, and participates in several international advocacy initiatives. 

Raphael Brass


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Fun Fact


Rafi and his wife touched the roof of Africa when they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro during their honeymoon.