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Debate? It’s Debatable – Oct 8th

Good morning,

Last night, Canadians heard from all six federal party leaders in the one and only English debate. It was two hours with five moderators going through five topics. The format seemed to be the most talked about topic on social media

If you haven't had a chance, read this article by Robert Hurst, former president of CTV News and a member of the Network Debate Consortium from 2005-08, about the debate process in Election 2019.

The next debate is Thursday in French...same time and same format.

Until then, let’s find out what is…

The Bluesky observers give their take on last night’s debate. Who won? Who lost?

From Geoff Turner, Senior Consultant

The most sought-after debate victory is not the punch, or the pitch, but presence as a leader. The confidence of vision, connected to often complex and conflicting priorities, combined with raw talent to chime a beautiful chord in church basements and cathedrals alike. Justin Trudeau continues to outshine each of his opponents on these measures, and each in different ways - proving his comprehensive mettle for the mantle in this contest.

One more alliterative observation: the only audience reaction counter to Liberal interests was a hearty chuckle at Scheer's joke about running against Doug Ford - take heed Lib campaign: the overdoing it is overheated. Folks know Ford, they know the mess and all the rest, they're pledged, don't break the wedge.

From Neil Brodie, Vice President

Well that was entertaining, I owe somebody $20.

If you only watched the first 5 minutes then Scheer won, as he owned Trudeau right off the bat.

Mr. Singh sounded most reasonable. It's always nice not having anything to lose.

Mr. Scheer got a good one in telling Mr. Trudeau that the Liberal leadership in Ontario was vacant.

Trudeau's standard defence, talking over his opponent, is a disservice to Canadians. He took a couple of shots on ethics and racist candidates.

Most importantly, if I can use a sports analogy, Raj, Delacourt, and Barton made me notice the referee instead of the players. That's a shame and a deficiency of the five-moderator format.

On that note, Blues up 3-2 over the Leafs. 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

From Cameron Holmstrom, Consultant

Last nights English Leaders Debate had a lot riding on it for all leaders on that stage, but the clear winner of the night was New Democrat Jagmeet Singh. Coming into this debate with two good previous debate performances under his belt, he came into this debate with a confidence and comfort on the stage that shone through.

Monday night he was very much the "happy warrior", taking firm jabs at Maxime Bernier and calling out Justin Trudeau on his record. But he did all of this in a hopeful, positive and energetic fashion that connected. He made quick-witted comments that not only spoke to the moment but were authentic and spontaneous. At many moments during the debate, he looked like the only person who was happy to be there. Mr. Singh can come away from Monday night knowing that he's done everything he can to put the NDP back on the map in this race, and now we'll see if the Canadians will respond to him with their votes.

The knock out punches by...

Justin Trudeau "Your role on this stage is to say what Mr. Scheer thinks privately."

Jagmeet Singh "Here we have Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Scheer arguing who is worse for Canada."

Andrew Scheer " You seem obsessed with provincial politics. There is a vacant seat for the Ontario Liberal leadership - maybe you should run for that."

Jagmeet Singh "It is a choice between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny."

Here is the article that supports Trudeau's comment https://bit.ly/2M6AA4S

Conservative campaign pulls altered image of Liberals’ policy paper https://bit.ly/2ATPBPb

Where you will find the leaders today.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be in the Montreal area with an announcement at 2:15 p.m. ET in Longueuil with Pierre Nantel (Longueuil—Saint Hubert). Prior to the announcement, Ms. May and Mr. Nantel will hold a media availability.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will make an announcement at 10:45 a.m. ET in Toronto on the NDP's commitment to make life more affordable for young Canadians. Following the announcement, Singh will mainstreet with NDP candidate Brian Chang (Toronto Centre) to speak with students. Singh will then appear at 1 p.m. ET on CTV's The Social; 5 p.m. ET CTV's Power Play; 9:15 p.m. ET Radio-Canada's Le Téléjournal .

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will be in Markham to make a 10:30 a.m ET announcement and then heads to Mississauga for a Conservative team event that will begin at 6 p.m. ET

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will travel to Iqaluit, Nunavut to deliver remarks at 12:45 p.m. ET about the Liberal plan to protect the environment and fight climate change, and will hold a media availability. Liberal candidate for Nunavut, Megan Pizzo Lyall will be in attendance.

Where the Bluesky team can be seen and heard:

Principal Susan Smith on CPAC as part of the debate coverage. http://my.tvey.es/k3J8Y

Consultant Cameron Holmstrom joined Evan Solomon to discuss debate strategy. http://my.tvey.es/Wq57A and as part of iPolitics debate coverage

Hon. Joe Jordan, Senior Associate at Bluesky, on what would happen after the election and no political party has won a clear minority https://bit.ly/31YIgtG

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