Media Release - August 13, 2021


August 13, 2021


Bluesky Strategy Group brings together a team with decades of cross-party election experience

OTTAWA, ON – With an election on the horizon, Bluesky Strategy Group Inc., a full-service public affairs firm with nearly two decades of extensive experience, is pleased to offer our public affairs team for commentary leading up to and throughout the 44th federal election campaign. Our experts from all party lines (Liberal, Conservative, NDP) have a deep background in national affairs, campaigns, public relations, and media analysis.

Bluesky’s commentators are already familiar to many of you and are on top of the strategies, issues, and intelligence from inside national and local party campaigns for #Elxn44. Whatever your needs, the Bluesky election team is available to provide insight and commentary on the election stories of the day, debates and communication hits and misses.

In addition to being available to you throughout the campaign, they will be providing their thoughts through the Bluesky Brief, our daily election newsletter, and to What You Need to Know: A #CdnPolicast. To subscribe, go to

Our experts:

Susan Smith (National Affairs, Crisis Communications and Liberal strategist) - As one of Bluesky’s co-founders and Principal, Susan has provided trusted advice to private and public sector clients including strategic communications, public affairs and media relations advice and training for more than 25 years. Her networks in government and the national media help clients deliver their messages to the most important audiences. Susan regularly appears on CTV, CBC, CPAC, national radio and print, and as a featured speaker and panel moderator at major events and has provided media commentary on every national election campaign since 2003.

Neil Brodie (National Affairs, Conservative strategist) – As Vice President at Bluesky Strategy Group, Neil counts a decade of experience advising key decision-makers in Ottawa during the Harper government and was the Chief of Staff to three ministers. He has been a part of the Tour team for four national election campaigns, travelling across the country working with the leader, local candidates and volunteers. Neil’s public policy background includes procurement, trade, public safety, industry, finance and energy. His insights on a variety of political matters can be found in several national print publications, CTV News Channel and CityNews Ottawa radio.

Alyson Fair (National Affairs, Crisis Communications, Digital Media) – With a journalism background, Alyson joined the Bluesky team following a 17-year career with CTV News where she covered four federal campaigns and several campaigns at the provincial and municipal levels. Her work in corporate communications, media relations and video production has resulted in a strong understanding of how and why traditional and digital media works. Alyson can be heard providing insight as part of the Political Whirlpool on LIVE 88.5 FM.

Cameron Holmstrom (National Affairs, Indigenous Relations, Crisis Communications, NDP strategist) – Cameron became a consultant at Bluesky after nine years working with the federal NDP Caucus, including three Members of Parliament. He has worked on more than a dozen campaigns at the federal, provincial and municipal levels over the past 16 years, including three NDP leadership campaigns. A Métis citizen, Cameron has served as policy and communications director of the federal NDP’s Aboriginal Peoples Commission and was the founding co-chair of the Ontario NDP’s Aboriginal Peoples Committee. His political insight can be seen and heard regularly on CTV, CFRA, CityNews Ottawa, Sirius XM and several national print publications.

Hon. Joe Jordan (National Affairs, Liberal strategist) – Joe is a second-generation former Member of Parliament who represented the Eastern Ontario riding of Leeds-Grenville from 1997 to 2004. During his time on Parliament Hill, he was the Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board. Since leaving politics, Joe has continued to share his insights on government and the political and parliamentary process as well as mentoring new MPs. He also returned part-time to his teaching roots, where he regularly lectures at several Canadian and American universities, including designing and delivering the Government Relations course at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. As a Senior Associate at Bluesky, Joe is a frequent contributor to The Hill Times.

Lt. Gen. (Ret’d), Hon. Andrew Leslie (Defence, Security, International Affairs, Canada-U.S. Relations and Liberal strategist) – From 2015-2019, Andrew was the Member of Parliament for the riding of Orléans following a distinguished military career where he was a Commander of the Canadian Army, and the Deputy Commander of the NATO land forces in Afghanistan. During his time on Parliament Hill, he served as the Chief Government Whip and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, including as a point person with Canadian and US stakeholders during the NAFTA 2.0 negotiations. Andrew is a Senior Associate at Bluesky and a frequent commentator in various national publications.

Hussain Shorrish (National Affairs, Quebec, Foreign Policy, Immigration, Environment, Strategic Communications) – Raised in Montreal, Quebec, Hussain is Senior Consultant who can conduct interviews in English, French and Urdu. Before joining Bluesky Strategy Group, he worked five years in the federal public service supporting senior executives across diverse policy issues, including intergovernmental relations, immigration, border security and public service renewal. Hussain has been appeared on CBC News Network and within the pages of The Hill Times and Policy Options.

Geoff Turner (National Affairs, Crisis Communications, Liberal strategist) – As one of Bluesky’s Senior Consultants, Geoff’s expertise comes from a nearly decade-long career as a key political advisor to senior ministers and party officials within the Ontario Liberal government. He was also a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2006 federal election, has held senior campaign staff roles in a half-dozen campaigns and volunteered on many more. Geoff regularly appears on CTV News Channel, CBC News Network, CPAC, and on several local radio programs.


To book an interview with Bluesky’s Election Team Experts, please contact:

Alyson Fair

Consultant, Bluesky Strategy Group

613 218 2064

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