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Le Point Final - Oct 11

Good morning and Happy Friday!

The debates are over and the advance polls are getting ready to open across the country. Last night, in the French debate, Canadians saw a different format that allowed each leader the chance to have their say while, at the same time, challenge their opponents.

Of note for today, both the Conservatives and the NDP will release their full costed platforms, which you will be able find the details on the PBO website.

Until then, let’s find out what is from the debate is…

From Bluesky observers give their impressions of last night’s debate and what this will mean for the final week of the campaign.

From Geoff Turner, Senior Consultant

That was the debate the rest of Canada deserved to see. Leaders got the message about unhelpful cross-talk and kept it rather polite, while producers curbed the format uproar with good cadence and a decent run through the biggest issues.

Justin Trudeau connected effortlessly, stayed composed and responded to challenges with reasoned answers. With the easier pace, there was plenty of time to highlight achievements, values and planks in the answers, often taking the extra step to communicate messages important to french speaking Canadians across the country who form important voting constituencies in many ridings.

From Cameron Holmstrom, Consultant

Thursday night marked the fourth and final debate of this election, with the French Leaders Commission Debate. This was the last chance to see all the six leaders together and for the leaders to leave a lasting impression on the electorate. Moderator Patrice Roy oversaw a lively debate that had some big moments but lacked any knock out punches or clear winners.

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau were the target for most of the attacks on the night, with both taking hard shots but mostly coming away in the same condition that they entered. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh gave a performance similar to the one he gave during the TVA debate last week; stuck to his points and scored a few memorable lines against Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Blanchet. PPC leader Maxime Bernier had his best debate so far, striking out in his own direction has he worked in his first language. While both Conservative Andrew Scheer and Green Elizabeth May struggled to keep up to the other four years as they worked in their weaker language, both had moments that will make them feel alright about the evening. While no leader had a terrible evening, none of them had a great one either. While the previous debates might have started to change the polls, tonight’s performance isn’t likely to do the same. Thursdays debate likely didn’t hurt any of the leaders, but it didn’t help them much either. At this point in the race, I suspect that all of them left the stage feeling alright about their performances and where it left them for the final 10 days of this campaign.

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Where you will find the leaders today.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will deliver brief remarks and meet with Liberal supporters at 8 a.m.ET in downtown Ottawa. Trudeau will then travel to Surrey, B.C. to deliver remarks about their plan to make education more affordable for students and will hold a media availability. Liberal candidate for Surrey Centre, Randeep Sarai, will be in attendance.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May will make an announcement about foreign affairs and security in Ottawa at 9 a.m. ET. She will be joined by Ottawa Centre candidate Angela Keller-Herzog.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will be in Tsawwassen, B.C. to present the Conservative Party of Canada’s election platform at noon ET. Scheer will then head to Langley, B.C. for an event with the Conservative team.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will hold a technical briefing and media availability in Ottawa at 8:30 a.m. ET on the New Deal for People Fiscal Plan. Following the briefing, Jagmeet will visit local businesses in Montreal and then head to Brampton, ON for a roundtable.

Make sure to join the Bluesky team at noon for today's episode of A #CdnPolicast - What You Need to Know.

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