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It's Go Time - Sept 12

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Good morning and welcome to the Bluesky Brief – your daily dose of everything #Elxn43.

Election 2019 is now underway and after the writs were issued, all the federal party leaders addressed Canadians about why they deserve to be the next prime minister. 

“We cannot go backwards … we have an ambitious plan to protect the environment and grow the economy … I am ready to roll up my sleeves to work hard for all Canadians.” 

– Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader.

“I love Canada and I want to make it better … bring a hopeful message to Canadians.”

– Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader.

“This is the most important election in Canadian history…a chance for Canadians to vote for what we believe in and vote for what we want.”

– Elizabeth May, Green Party leader.

“We will balance the budget and there will be a lot more measures in our plan for you to get ahead”.

– Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party leader.

“We are here to provide Canadians with a bright future.”

– Maxime Bernier, People’s Party of Canada Leader.

Canadians will now head to the polls on Monday, October 21st.

And until then, let’s find out what is …

  1. Globe & Mail front page story and its effect on start of the campaign

  2. How each of the federal leaders performed on the first day

  3. Bernier vs Bernier in Beauce riding

  4. Green party’s Pierre Nantel calls for Quebec independence “as fast as possible”

  5. 18th Anniversary of 9/11 attacks  #neverforget

9:40 a.m. ET– BRAMPTON, ON – Jagmeet Singh to make a health care announcement

9:45 a.m. ET – NORTH YORK, ON – Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will highlight his plan to put more money in Canadians pockets.

11:00 a.m. ET – VICTORIA - 8:00 a.m. – Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will make an announcement and will hold a media availability.

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - Trudeau will attend an event with the Liberal candidate for Kamloops, Terry Lake.

7:30 p.m. ET - EDMONTON, AB – Trudeau will join supporters and deliver remarks at a Team Trudeau 2019 Campaign Rally.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be in Toronto for debate preparation

8 p.m. – MACLEAN’S & CityTV DEBATE - You can watch it live on Citytv, Macleans.ca, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as on Rogers news radio stations and their websites and CityNews websites. CPAC will carry the debate with a French translation, while OMNI Television will carry it with interpretation into Mandarin and Cantonese (in broadcast) and Punjabi (online).

  • Justin Trudeau’s short and succinct answers to reporters regarding the latest Globe & Mail SNC story

  • Orcas & earthlings at the Green Party kickoff

  • Election hashtags on social media - #elx43, #elxn43, #CanadaVotes, #elxn2019, #Election2019

The Bluesky strategists take on today’s campaign launches.....

From the desk of Neil Brodie, Vice President

Well that didn’t go according to plan.  

Scheer wins the message war before the writs are signed. Trudeau refuses to aid in an RCMP investigation. Understand Cabinet flows from the power of the PM, not the Clerk. Cabinet confidence is Trudeau’s to lift, and Trudeau alone. Months of hard work by the Liberals, billions of dollars of announcements over the summer, down the drain on day one.

From the desk of Stuart McCarthy, Senior Vice President

Liberals:   Pros: Justin Trudeau stuck to the core themes: Environment, middle class, jobs, diversity, a Canada for all Canadians.   

Cons: Knocked off his game with new SNC Lavalin scandal headlines.

Conservatives:  Pros: Andrew Scheer used morning headlines to attack Trudeau. Conservative themes clear: Lower taxes, cutting costs, more money in people’s pockets. Played being one of the middle class well.

Cons: Air Scheer grounded due to fog in Trois Rivières, scramble to get there by bus. Poorly staged launch. Ended on a down note refusing to challenge Quebec Bill 21.

NDP: Pros: Jagmeet Singh was comfortable speaking and taking questions on familiar concerns – pharmacare, healthcare, environment, taxing the rich and cheaper consumer services. Attacked Bill 21 in Quebec.

Cons: Mediocre campaign launch visually, Podium sign was way too big, dwarfed Singh.

Green Party: Pros: Elizabeth May wins the day. An environmental quote machine, she jumped the shark with, “First and foremost, we are earthlings.” Leader of Little Green People?

Cons: Struggled to counter Green Party candidates who are separatists and anti-abortionists.

Bloc Quebecois: Pros: None as far as Rest of Canada is concerned.  

Cons: Yves-Francois Blanchet quickly wrapped himself in a “pure laine” flag with a nationalistic, campaign clearly for some Quebecers – not all Quebecers. 

People’s Party of Canada: Pros: By mid-afternoon, Maxime Bernier was missing in action.

Cons: He will surface somewhere.

From the desk of Geoff Turner, Senior Consultant 

Alone and angry vs. together and confident. As keeners and morning news watchers gathered around the opening hour feed, there was a stark contrast between Andrew Scheer’s solitary and jaded tarmac appearance and Justin Trudeau’s confident stride surrounded by smiling and representative supporters. While the heavy footfall of SNC Lavalin lead story in today’s Globe, reshaped today’s Liberal and Conservative campaign launches, expect this story to lose steam fast. Opponents will fall back on the usual recap and attack lines that form a core part of their strategy this election. In fact, I believe the CPC lost the best opportunity to introduce their leader to Canadians today, when election interest among average Canadians is at its peak. Justin Trudeau is off and running toward the electoral horizon, and the Tories’ seem to be stuck in the fog, much like their plane.

From the desk of Cameron Holmstrom, Consultant 

This morning all parties launched their campaigns, starting a 40-day electoral adventure. As Justin Trudeau launched his campaign in Ottawa at Rideau Hall there were times he sounded stilted and when faced with tough media questions about SNC-Lavalin and Bill 21, he was downright evasive. After an awkward scrum on the tarmac of the Ottawa airport, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer launched his campaign in Trois-Rivières speaking to a modest crowd of supporters and repeating many pledges around the cost of living. Jagmeet Singh had the strongest performance of the group launching the NDP campaign in London. He seemed confident and comfortable when he spoke and his answers were on point, showing what he is capable of. And in Victoria, Green leader Elizabeth May reminded us all that we are Earthlings. It was a good launch for the NDP, so-so for the Conservatives and suboptimal for the Liberals and Greens.

From the desk of Raphael Brass, Senior Consultant

With the 43rd Election now underway, staff and clientele at local restaurants and shops in the gateway to the north – North Bay – were casually aware that the election was being called with some people expressing misgivings with all candidates. Unlike in the Ottawa political hub, there are no election signs to be seen for the seat in the riding of Nipissing—Timiskaming. Even the brief flurries did not cajole any thoughts of the fall election. Rather, the light snow just served as a reminder of the realities of Northern Ontario life.

Watch Bluesky Principal Susan Smith discuss the start of #Elxn43 yesterday on CBC News:

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