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Debate & Dialogue - Sept 13

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Good morning and welcome to day three of the #Elxn43.

Yesterday, we saw Scheer, Singh and May in the Toronto area to make promises surrounding health care, maternity benefits and participate in the first debate of the campaign.

Deciding against debating his opponents, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau stayed in western Canada making his first campaign promise: Help for first-time buyers and affordable housing.

Time will tell if Trudeau’s absence from the debate becomes fodder on the campaign trail today.

Until then, let’s find out what is…

  • Who won the first debate?

  • Another Globe and Mail front page story on the SNC scandal dominates the discourse.

  • Despite being legal, the ongoing abortion debate enters the campaign.

  • Will the NDP have a full contingent of candidates by the September 30th deadline?

  • Hard to believe that after only one day, the Liberal campaign plane is already bruised.

And Bluesky wishes Chris Lewis, the Conservative candidate in Essex, ON, a speedy recovery as he broke two ribs and suffered a puncture wound after a serious accident on his family farm. He was discharged from hospital Wednesday night.

Where you will find the leaders today.

A.M. - TORONTO - Green Party leader Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands) will be doing pre-scheduled media interviews.

9 a.m. ET - TORONTO – NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to make an announcement on telecom with Beaches-East York candidate Mae J. Nam and a media availability will follow.

9:30 a.m. ET - TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QC - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to make an announcement at an electric vehicle company and hold a media availability immediately after.

10 a.m, ET - MISSISSAUGA - Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will make an announcement from the GO Transit garage.

11:45 a.m. ET – TORONTO – NDP leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to a sold-out audience at the Canadian Club Toronto

1 p.m. ET - ETOBICOKE - Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will make a campaign stop at The Crooked Cue.

2 p.m. ET - SAINT HUBERT, QC - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will help Réjean Hébert, the candidate for Longueuil–Saint-Hubert open to his campaign office.

ETOBICOKE - Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will visit the campaign office of candidate Barry O'Brien.

5 p.m. ET - TORONTO - NDP leader Jagmeet Singh attends at pizza party at the home of former NDP MP Olivia Chow

6:30 p.m. ET - BRAMPTON - Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will campaign with candidate Arpan Khanna.

7 p.m. ET - MONTREAL - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will join supporters and deliver remarks at a Team Trudeau 2019 Campaign Rally.

10:45 p.m. ET - MISSION, B.C. - Green Party leader Elizabeth May will join John Kidder (Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon) for the opening of his campaign office. Both Ms. May and Mr. Kidder will deliver speeches, and the event will include a live musical performance by Mr. Kidder.

Where you will find the leaders this weekend.

SATURDAY P.M. - KINGSTON - Bluesky Strategy group has learned that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will visit Barrington Walker, the candidate for Kingston and the Islands. Then at 4 p.m., Singh will join Ottawa Centre candidate Emilie Taman.

In Canada Gazette II, the actual language of the proclamation dissolving Parliament.

How do you teach foreign diplomats about our electoral process? Maureen Boyd and Colin Robertson of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute have put together this handy primer explaining it all.

United Steelworkers have created an ad for the NDP, with some attempted cheekiness.


What was are they thinking? Green Party candidate resigns over post about mailing pig carcass to Muslims & `Proud to Be White’: Conservative Candidate Resigns After Secret Anti-Immigrant Facebook Account Discovered. Already four candidates (one Conservative, two NDP & one Green) are gone one day into the election. Will we see more?

The Bluesky strategists take on last night's debate...

From the desk of Neil Brodie, Vice President

If Jagmeet Singh won the first day of the campaign, then the second day was an opportunity for Scheer's team to redeem themselves from the week of stumbling around at the end of August.

Not sure why Trudeau skipped the debate. The writs are signed and he's participating in a debate next month that wasn't sanctioned by his hand-picked debate panel. Seems like every reasonable justification for missing it is null and void. Maybe the Clerk had something to do with it?

From the desk of Geoff Turner, Senior Consultant 

Definitely on stride, Singh still had some whopper moments - like saying $14B of capital investment tax relief supporting commercial construction and new technology was a giveaway of jets and limos for billionaires. Yeesh. The non-sequitur “4 differences” with May fell flat and looked desperate. Most disappointing, seems indigenous issues are secondary to SNC catnip for them all; each leaped there and stayed there once an opening response was uttered.

From the desk of Cameron Holmstrom, Consultant 

The first debate had a clear winner: Jagmeet Singh. While the noted absence of Justin Trudeau created a strong undertone, Singh made the best of his chances to build off a strong first day. He parried attacks from both Andrew Scheer and Elizabeth May while staying calm, cool, collected and on message. He kept bringing back his answers to the people he has met and humanized the issues. While Scheer looked uncomfortable and May was flustered when called out on her troubles of the past week. By not showing up, Trudeau might have made the biggest mistake of the early campaign, giving Singh the chance to find his feet and his voice.

From the desk of Tim Barber, Principal

By the end of the debate, Scheer was probably thinking that Trudeau made the right call by avoiding tonight's event. Scheer was taking shots from both May and Singh and in the last segment he was looking a bit annoyed and frustrated. Singh will be one to watch when Trudeau joins the debate stage on October 7th.

Don’t forget that TODAY Bluesky Strategy Group launches our first podcast of #Elxn43 and here is a listen to what you can expect. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode.

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