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Bluesky’s Election Experts – On Call


Bluesky’s Election Experts – On Call

Bluesky Strategy Group’s Election Team Combines Decades of Cross-Party Election Experience


August 29, 2019

OTTAWA – Bluesky Strategy Group, Ottawa’s leading-edge public affairs firm, is pleased to offer our outstanding team of experienced political and campaign experts from across all major parties to media outlets leading up to and throughout the 43rd federal election campaign.

Our expert commentators already familiar to many of you, have decades of experience on dozens of campaigns. They are on top of the strategies, issues, and intelligence from inside national and local party campaigns for #Elxn43.

In addition to being available to you throughout the campaign, they will be providing additional insight and commentary through Bluesky’s daily online election analysis. To subscribe, go to www.blueskyelections.com.

Bluesky’s Election Experts

Liberal Perspective

Susan Smith, Co-founder and Principal at Bluesky, has provided private and public sector clients with strategic communications, public affairs and media relations advice and training for more than 20 years. Her networks in government and the national media help clients deliver their messages to the most important audiences. Susan regularly appears on CTV Power Play, CBC News Network, CPAC Inside Politics and on national radio, and as a featured speaker and panel moderator at major events.

Contact: susan@blueskystrategygroup.com or 613-241-3512 x221

Geoff Turner, Senior Consultant, joined Bluesky following a nearly decade-long career as a key political advisor to senior ministers and party officials in the Ontario Liberal government. Geoff is a past candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2006 federal election. He has held senior campaign staff roles in a half- dozen campaigns, and volunteered on many more. Geoff regularly appears on CTV Power Play and True North Politics, CBC News Network, CPAC Inside Politics, and Strategy Session on CFRA.

Contact: geoff@blueskystrategygroup.com or 613-241-3512 x226

Conservative Perspective

Neil Brodie, Vice President, joined Bluesky after three years at the Ontario Energy Board. He has a decade of experience advising key decision makers in Ottawa during the Harper government and was chief of staff to three ministers. He worked on the Leader’s Tour for four national election campaigns, travelling across the country working with the leader, local candidates and volunteers. Neil’s public policy background includes procurement, trade, public safety, industry, finance and energy.

Contact: neil@blueskystrategygroup.com or 613-241-3512 x224

NDP Perspective

Cameron Holmstrom, Consultant, joined Bluesky after nine years working with the federal NDP Caucus, including three Members of Parliament. He has worked on more than a dozen campaigns at the federal, provincial and municipal levels over the past 14 years, including three NDP leadership campaigns. An Métis citizen, Cameron has served as policy and communications director of the federal NDP’s Aboriginal Peoples Commission; and was founding co-chair of the Ontario NDP’s Aboriginal Peoples Committee.

Contact: cameron@blueskystrategygroup.com or 613-241-3512 x 230


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