BLUESKY BRIEF - Summer Edition

From coast-to-coast-to-coast, temperatures are rising. It’s not just the record-breaking heat dome in BC but also the political heat, as our country grapples with the grim discoveries of mass burials sites at former residential schools and our federal politicians get ready to face off in a possible fall election. In other words, this summer is going to be a busy one on the political scene.

From the desk of the Honourable Joe Jordan:

With most of the political signposts pointing to a late summer election call and a fall election, the various party machines and individual parliamentarians will have plenty on their plates during the traditional BBQ season.

In terms of policy, the Liberals, as government, will be using the levers of power put in place the regulatory backfill to underpin their announced commitments, as well as undertake a series of timed funding announcements across the country.

Opposition parties will lie in wait and attempt to capitalize on government miscues, and/or criticize policy direction as appropriate. The challenge they face is the very real possibility that the ballot box question – COVID response and recovery – may have already solidified and been resistant to influence.

Logistically, each federal party will finalize their platform templates, leaving flexibility to react to pandemic events. War rooms will be formalized, and individual candidates vetted and nominated.

Things get more interesting at the riding level. Candidates still need to undertake the traditional activities of fundraising and communications, but voter engagement and identification need to be viewed through a pandemic lens. Shaking hands and kissing babies gets dropped out of the toolkit. It will be tough to get and motivate volunteers. Everyone is approaching the end of their tether and as society begins to open and normalize, partisan political activities may not be near the top of people’s lists of things they want to do.

Genuine political discourse will also be difficult, both in terms of what the mechanism for candidate debates will look like and what the interest level of the voting public will be. I think that the eventual results will end up showing a clear incumbency advantage.

So it will be a very busy time, but the motion is not necessarily action, and the parties and candidates that develop creative solutions to the pandemic barriers, both physical and emotional, will be rewarded.

Catherine McKenna’s leaves politics...

…and Yasir Naqvi wants back in.

Lt.-Gen. Frances Allen…Canada’s first female vice-chief of the defence staff

Congratulations go out to our colleague the Honourable Lt. Gen. (Ret'd) Andrew Leslie who received a Doctor of Military Science honoris causa at the Royal Military College's 121st Convocation.

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As always, Bluesky Strategy Group continues to monitor all undertakings by the federal and provincial governments this summer and will provide our clients with the expertise, advice, assistance and networks to help you identify and engage with available government support. For those interested in getting election ready, the Bluesky team is ready to assist in developing your ask.

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