Pre-Committee Review

Welcome to Bluesky's first pre-CACN-committee review. Bluesky has created this in-depth, one-stop product briefing series on the Canada-China Relations Special Committee (CACN).

Below, you will find our first pre-meeting announcement ahead of next week's scheduled committee. To access Bluesky's full committee monitoring product, please call or email to subscribe.

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Next Meeting: January, 20th 2020

Time: 1:00 p.m. (EST)

Location: West Block, Room 225-A

Meeting Agenda: 

  • Elect a committee chair. 

Committee Mandate:

In light of the prolonged diplomatic crisis with China, the House appoint a special committee with the mandate to conduct hearings to examine and review all aspects of the Canada–China relationship, including, but not limited to, consular, economic, legal, security and diplomatic relations: 

(a) that the committee be composed of 12 members, of which six shall be government members, four shall be from the official opposition, one shall be from the Bloc Québécois and one from the New Democratic Party;

(b) that changes in the membership of the committee shall be effective immediately after notification by the whip has been filed with the Clerk of the House;

(c) that membership substitutions be permitted, if required, in the manner provided for in Standing Order 114(2);

(d) that the members shall be named by their respective whip by depositing with the Clerk of the House the list of their members to serve on the committee no later than January 15, 2020;

(e) that the Clerk of the House shall convene an organization meeting of the said committee for no later than January 20, 2020;

(f) that the committee be chaired by a member of the government party;

(g) that notwithstanding Standing Order 106(2), in addition to the Chair, there be one vice-chair from the official opposition, one vice-chair from the Bloc Québécois and one vice-chair from the New Democratic Party;

(h) that quorum of the committee be as provided for in Standing Order 118 and that the Chair be authorized to hold meetings to receive evidence and to have that evidence printed when a quorum is not present, provided that at least four members are present, including one member of the opposition and one member of the government;

(i) that the committee be granted all of the powers of a standing committee, as provided in the Standing Orders, as well as the power to travel, accompanied by the necessary staff, inside and outside of Canada;

(j) that the committee have the power to authorize video and audio broadcasting of any or all of its proceedings; and

(k) that the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Public Safety, and the Canadian ambassador to China be ordered to appear as witnesses from time to time as the committee sees fit.

The committee mandate can be found on the committee webpage, and on the House of Commons House Publications page here.

Member Review:

The CACN Committee is composed of twelve members, appointed in direct relation to the composition of the House of Commons. Under the terms of the motion that created this committee, a government member must be chair and considering the government members appointed to the committee, it seems that Hon. Geoff Regan is likely to be the elected chair of this committee. In regard to individuals selected to serve on this committee, the MPs selected either serve in Foreign Affairs related roles within their caucuses, have experience in Foreign Affairs or Defense matters or are known for their parliamentary experience and their rhetorical abilities. That selection is also affected by the current Conservative leadership race, as potential candidates in that competition are expected to be removed from any potential committee service.

Committee Members

Hover over committee members for biography notes.

Stéphen Bergeron, BQ

Committee Member

Dan Albas, CPC

Committee Member

Leona Alleslev, CPC

Committee Member

Chris Warkentin, CPC

Committee Member

John Williamson, CPC

Committee Member

Emmanuel Dubourg, LPC

Committee Member

Peter Fragiskatos, LPC

Committee Member

Rob Oliphant, LPC

Committee Member

Hon. Geoff Regan, LPC

Committee Member

Jean Yip, LPC

Committee Member

Lenore Zann, LPC

Committee Member

Jack Harris, NDP

Committee Member

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