Canada - China Relations Special Committee Coverage

In December 2019, the House of Commons approved the creation of a Special Committee on Canada-China Relations (CACN) and was passed by opposition parties without support from the Liberal government. The committee will examine “all aspects” of the Canada-China relationship, including economic and diplomatic relations. With the opposition parties holding a majority on the committee, it is expected to exercise wide latitude and remain active for the foreseeable future. 

The three-brief series product will feature all procedural details about upcoming meetings, identify members and witnesses, capture media analysis, identify and deconstruct issues brought up in committee and summarize the meetings with Bluesky's expert analytic lens. The three products will be delivered to you beginning with a pre-meeting review, followed by an immediate subsequent analysis after committee, and a third day-after briefing product to provide analysis and additional coverage. 

Bluesky Strategy Group is offering an in-depth briefing product that will help organizations of all kinds to monitor and understand the committee’s work, as-it-happens.

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The members have been named, and the first meeting declared. Here's what's next and what you need to know for the most anticipated committee in Parliament this year. 




In committee this week, members heard from the first of many witnesses including Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development officials. Debate was divided along the party lines, the NDP expressed disappointment in China's communication and more.




The most anticipated committee meeting with Canada's Ambassador to China, Dominic Barton took place this week. Find Bluesky's expert analysis on the committee to date here. 




Committee members discuss finding like-minded allies and the impact on Canadian stakeholders as the conflict between Canada and China's rocky relationship remains unresolved. 




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